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The company should be, "ESF Wholesale Furniture"

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I bought a ESF sofa through a furniture store. After reviewing the specs and documentation on ESF's catalog and site I purchased a sofa. I paid a bit more for the sofa then the other Sofa's the furniture store had offered from other vendors and thought I was buying a higher quality piece of furniture. Boy was I wrong.

The Sofa was labeled as coming with Genuine Italian Leather on their site and catalog. The reality is the sofa is Bonded PVC Leather. How do I know this. Well the look and feel of the exterior was one give away but the second is when you unzip the pillows and look at the interior of the leather as well, it is clearly bonded leather.

The second issue I had with the sofa is that it had 3 sectioned off headrest which should of been the same height but were actually a half inch to an inch and a half taller then each other as well as being crooked and slanted. So that sort of looks awkward and not constructed very well.

Third issue was the arm rest on each side collapsed after about a week of use.

The forth issue was that the piece came as a sectional. But the latches that connects the sectional were the same on each side so they could not connect. It is like instead of giving me an "A" and "B" part that connected each side, they gave me an "A" and "A" part.

ESF has told the furniture store they will not take back the sofa and still claim it is Genuine Italian Leather. Even though I have photographic proof now. This is definitely a case of false advertising on their part. They did tell the furniture store they will take care of the arm rest and have someone come repair it. They also are supposedly sending out the correct brackets now as well. For the amount of money I paid for the sofa and to be being lied to about the material, having nothing line up and breaking after less than a week, I am furious with ESF Furniture Whoesale. I have worked with the furniture store I have bought from for the past several years and they have always given me great support and an experience but buying a sofa through them from ESF could not have been more of a nightmare.

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After review of your photo claiming bonded leather, you are flat out incorrect. It is genuine leather.

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